A few words from us

Here at Luxdezine, we recognize the artistic works and efforts that designers and architects contribute in the interior design industry. It’s true to know that their outstanding projects are made effectively with their creative minds and efforts to help us serve our end users. Since the very start of our business, we have been collaborating with a lot of them to deliver stylish and quality offerings for their projects.

So as much as we would like to return the favor to these professionals, we formalized an idea of how we would express our warm gratitude by launching a Commission Program dedicated for them. This program works by sharing our profit to help them earn commission package, incentives, and rewards

We are hoping this could be our chance to say thanks.​

Who are these people?

This program is open to all interior designers, architects,  engineers, and anyone who works in the same field to invite you to collaborate with us and earn huge commissions.

How It Works


Partner with us by signing up for free and filling out the membership form.


Introduce and refer Luxdezine to your clients to purchase products from us for your next projects.


Enjoy earning commission package and incentives within a month!

Interested? Sign up now and become one of our highest earners!


What they say about this project

I appreciate Luxdezine Commission Program for they don't only provide great goods for my clients but they also help me increase my profit margin.


Interior Designer

I've earned more commissions from Luxdezine and at the same time, I was able to help my clients choose the right products from the right store. I'm happy that they exceed my expectations for they never fail to provide what my clients' needs for their home.


Interior Planner

As a sales representative who is looking for an extra income, I did not expect that earning this much can be this easy. Luxdezine helped me build my reputation as a sales representative to serve the right products to our clients.​


Sales Representative

Luxdezine Commission Program is so simple yet so profitable. My monthly commission I receive from the program becomes equivalent to my yearly pay as an engineer. Presenting products of Luxdezine to my clients is never a challenge for me as they are always amazed with its quality and design.​


Civil Engineer

In just two weeks, my commission just doubled by partnering with Luxdezine.